Frequently Asked Questions

When to plan a modular kitchen ?

The best time to plan modular kitchen is before plastering, electrical & plumbing work are started in your kitchen. This will avoid duplication of civil works, modifications and wastages etc..

What is a Modular Kitchen?

Alignment of factory finished modules(boxes) as per the available dimensions in the kitchen room is called a modular kitchen.

How to order a Kabinett modular kitchen ?

Visit your nearest Kabinett showroom,  explain your requirements and request for design of your kitchen by paying an amount of Rs.2000/-( which will be adjusted at the time of finalization of order).  We depute our qualified personnel to your home to take the measurements and prepare a drawing with detailed design, costing etc . The designs will be submitted to you for finalization of order as per your requirements. A lead-time of 15 -20 days is required after the receipt of the final order for manufacture of material, and a further period of 5 to 7 days for installation.

What are the different types of materials used? Is there options in colors?

The carcass is either made with Plywood, HDHMR, Ext. Grade MDF and the shutters are either of MDF, Plywood, Solidwood etc. There are more than 100 colours available with us and you can select from available choices.

Is it possible to buy only accessories from you?

Yes, you can buy either accessories, appliances like chimney, hobs etc. From our outlets.

What are its advantages?

Can be made according to the budget available to you.
The design of your kitchen can be drawn and can be viewed, modified by you as per you taste before finalization You will get factory finish with uniform appearance unmatched to contemporary kitchens. Can be dismantled and assembled very easily. The small space of your kitchen can be optimally utilized. Once you finalize the order, You can feel happy and there will be no tension on you kitchen. Can get guarantee and service. Can be made as per the available dimensions of your kitchen.

Do you undertake civil work in the kitchen as well?

No, we do not undertake any civil works.

Q.Can design be done according to vaasthu?

Yes, designs are made by following vaasthu.

Is it possible to install the kitchen units if the granite slab is laid?

If a slab is laid down, we can provide you frame & shutter type of kitchen which resembles a modular kitchen.

How does the climate (humidity) affect your kitchens?

Humidity or climate does not affect your kitchen.

Q. Can you send me a brochure?

Our E-Brochure can be downloaded from the link E-Brochure which features all our products in utmost detail. If you require further information please contact us.

Do you suggest the type of kitchen model we should have? Do you give us a design? Can we make changes after that?

Yes, basing on your budgetary constraints, desires and lifestyles, we will recommend various models and also give different designs to you. You can change/modify the designs as per your satisfaction.

Q. How to make the payment?

On confirmation of order, you need to pay 50% by Cash/Cheque/DD or by transfer as advance and the balance 50% before dispatch of material upon
receipt of communication about the readiness of material.

Can I cancel my order after finalization of order?

Once the order is finalized and taken into production, no changes will be permitted and no cancellation will be accepted. However, if the cancellation is prior to production, a cancellation fee may be charged.

How will my kitchen top installed?

If you finalize the top also with us, it will be provided by us only. If you do not finalize the top with us, we will intimate you the probable date of installation of your kitchen so that you can make the granite ready for installation.

Can any one explain us about the modular kitchens & accessories in the Kabinett Outlets?

Our well trained technical personnel at Kabinett Outlets , will detail and advise you on different types of accessories available, their usage, their fitment in your kitchen so as to finalize the same by you. Match it with your storage and handling needs. All accessories bought along with our kitchens would be fitted by us free of cost.

We offer a guarantee of 84 months from the date of installation for kitchen accessories. If any problem occurs in between, they will be replaced with new

Kabinett offers only the best of products from the most reputed manufacturers in India and abroad. The economies of scale, the power of networking and the long-term business associations with each manufacturer enables Kabinett to offer products of supreme quality at the best prices.